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Affordable, quality alternative education in America

Affordable, quality alternative education in America

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America’s alarming drop out rate is a vital problem plaguing the public school system, and no real national system of alternative education offers out-of-school children a second chance, let alone children of diverse abilities the opportunity to engage in quality alternative education that enhances their skills and provides an independent learning environment for them to thrive.

We recognize the increasing need for affordable, quality alternative education in America for a variety of reasons — for one, it is evident through numerous studies that our children need quality educational programs in order to succeed in the new global economy of the 21st century. Adolescence is a time of transition and change. Unfortunately, most of our youth today are disconnected and lack access to public programs that are important for their developmental transition to young adulthood. Many of our children, especially underserved children of low-income families, are struggling economically, socially, and educationally relative to their peers and have limited access to alternative educational programs that prepare them for successful adulthood due to lack of funds and quality resources.

We address these challenges by opening our doors up to children from all backgrounds and walks of life, including vulnerable children of color, who are more likely to be disconnected from education and employment, and enhance their future by encouraging self empowerment, promotion, and expression and developing lifelong skills that engage and create long term healthy habits that children carry with them into productive adulthood. We combat generations of cycled poverty by elevating our children and young people to a place of security — improving their financial, nutritional, and overall literacy surrounding personal and professional decision making.

We embrace our mantra of Never Stop Looking Up to encourage our students to continue pushing forward to a bright and wholesome future, and to be resilient in the face of doubt and adversity — because regardless of their past, we believe and help guide them to a successful, productive, and advantageous future filled with endless possibilities.